Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Real Bonsai Kitty (AKA Cat in a Bonsai Pot)

We interrupt our normal broadcasting to bring you this utter bit of fluff.

This is Billie and, no, she is not a bit of fluff - she's too damn fat for that.

Together with cardboard boxes, one of her favourite places for a nap is in a large bonsai pot. This pot is about 27.5in / 70 cm long. And it suits madam just fine. So much so, she has even condescended to share her pot with a pile of suibans.

No, Billie is not my pet. But she is obviously not a maltreated kitty as she is evidently pear-shaped. Billie has a brother named Ben, who is beautiful but hasn't got two brain cells to rub together. Nor will he sit still and pose for the camera. Those of you who have been to Bonsai Trees Southampton will know of Billie and Ben.

That done, we now return to our normal programme of moaning, huffing and snark. Thank you.

(And why there are still so many people out there who fall for the Bonsai Kitten thing is beyond me... it's an old, old hoax, dudes! Can we get all irate and bent out of shape by something else now? Pleeze??)

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