Saturday, 9 January 2010

... or for 'Perspectives'...

I can take no credit for this lovely piece of craftmanship, which is @lilmissmaya's weaving final:

And although I was completely in admiration of the juxtaposition of colours, she told me that her professor hadn't seemed to like it that much, with the criticism that the colours didn't shift gradually enough.

I will admit to knowing bugger-all about weaving or the use of dyes.  On the other hand, I do know how to recognise when a lot of effort has gone into creating something.  And I do know what I like - which may or may not be in tune with what an expert would like.  Nonetheless, my view is that the opinion of the beholder - however valid - does not take away the inherent merit of the work. 

And at the end of the day, surely - whatever the perspective - what should count is the fruit that the action bears.  After all, a criticism is just a comment, isn't it?  But then, what effect did it have - did it do more harm than good?  Was the end result a learning experience, some sort of epiphany or grand revelation of truth? 

And it's not just about making comments, is it?  There's the spirit behind the comments.  And whether clarification came with them.  Or whether they were just a series of terse, snappy one-liners or - worse - insincere flowery platitudes.

No, this isn't about getting at the professor at all.  What this does tie up with is all the seemingly disjointed rants that I've been littering this blog with over the past couple of months.  Baffled? Oh well, perhaps reading on is the answer?  Hur, hur, hur.....

But I would like to thank @lilmissmaya for the use of her photo and for introducing me to her work.  Want to see more?  Go contact her via Twitter.

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