Saturday, 9 January 2010

... or it could even be for Popsicle Bonsai

In this post I showed you pics that Stef took of our bonsai in the summer.  Well, scrub that from your mind and replace it with this:

and this:

The big freeze has been upon us, and the garden hose broke just before the snow fell.  Which of course happened overnight without anyone knowing anything about it until we looked out the window and saw these:

 Frozen accent plants

 Frozen shohin Picea, Chinese Juniper and a White Pine

And another frozen Chinese Juniper.  All the popsicle shohin have been moved into the cold greenhouse and have started to thaw out.  Fingers crossed. 

Everyone else (of the bonsai, that is) is sitting outside in the snow.  Ah, the joys of the holiday season...


  1. a) I am so jealous of your garden - I only have a tiny balcony which is a bit full and now my living room is cluttered with bonsai - I'm sure it's not good for them to all be inside - maybe it's ok over the winter

    b) they look so cute with snow on them :)

  2. Thanks for dropping by!
    Hope your bonsai are doing well (despite ravaging squirrels). If your bonsai are tropical trees (sold as indoor bonsai) then they should do OK indoors over winter although they won't really like the central heating - you'll have to watch the water/light levels, I think.
    If they're European/frost hardy species then you may have to find alternate solution.... good luck!