Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Yes I Haz Moar Pot Piccies

Haven't blogged for awhile, as I'm still having problems getting Firefox 3.5.7 to talk to Blogger.  I can edit stuff, just can't see the finished product.  Have been getting around it by viewing these pages in another browser, but that is just a drag.  Trawling through Internet fora (forums, whatever) for an answer is also a drag.

So what isn't a drag? Possibly the thought of spring and re-potting?  Despite the intermittent snow that keeps coming down my head whenever I go out to check the trees...

I have plans for the round black pot I purchased from Morea at the Noelanders show last month.  She was kind enough to send me a better picture than the one I had, so here it is:

... on the upper right hand side of the stand.  I'm thinking a certain Satsuki Azalea could go in there, as its pot recently got trashed by the blackbirds.  Well, the culprits could have been the neighbourhood cats, but for some reason I always blame the blackbirds.  Heh. Go figure.

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