Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Pleione tongariro

There are actually 4 flower spikes to this one, but I've hidden the fourth spike (not fully open) in the back as some effing little blighter took a whopping big munch out of it.

Said effing little blighter is now a squished blot on my garden landscape.

This orchid came from Mr Ingwersen, at the garden show in Broadlands a couple of years back. Mr Ingwersen is now retired, so there are less and less specialist Alpine nurseries in this part of the world. A situation I continually bemoan on this blog

Pot is by John Pitt. I'm not quite sure what the potting compost is, loads of bark from what I remember. This guy has been in this pot for a while; several baby pseudobulbs have decided they wanted to break off from the fold. They've been (over)potted on now, let's see what they're going to do about fending for themselves...

Update: More Pleione pics here.

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