Saturday, 11 April 2009

Shohin Potentilla (?)

Part of a shohin composition by Ian Warhurst. I understand this is in an Ian Baillie pot, but I've not had this confirmed either by the owner or the potter. Total height from base of the pot is about 6 inches.
I'm fairly sure this is a potentilla but didn't manage to find out before we left. Probably was too busy yakking anyway.
What grabbed me was that this guy is in a literati sort of style; most potentillas of this size that I've seen (commercially-available ones, that is) are root-over-rock or cascade styles.
Never seen this tree before so I wouldn't even to pretend to know anything about its history. Just liked the look of him. Would be great to know (assuming it is a potentilla) if the flowers were white, yellow, pink, orange, whatever.

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