Monday, 13 April 2009

Wait... how did those guys get into this photo?

Me being a lazy sort of blogger and only having a dinky phone as an excuse for a camera, I decided to shoot 2 birds - no I'm not referring to the 2 blokes in the foreground - with one stone, OK? Sheesh. Get your mind back on track.

That's Paul Goff and Peter Warren. You could interpret the body language as saying "who is that weirdo taking a photo of us?" and "shut up mate and just smile for the camera". Or it could even be "should we move out of here 'cause that person is trying to take a photo of the trees"and the reply being "yeah but we're added value so just shut up and smile for the camera mate". And all that conjecture would be sort of right!

So, these blokes in the foreground and in the background, there's the trees in the smaller exhibition hall with the better natural lighting. Traders in the back room (see far left corner of photo) again were not as favoured in terms of brightness. Then of course they could have been illuminated with Paul's wit (he certainly threw out brilliant one-liners when I was stood beside him) but at this point it was being expended on Peter. Hmm... don't the two of them look positively apostolic?

No, actually they looked sort of uncomfortable as I was taking the photo. Thanks guys for being such great sports.

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