Saturday, 11 April 2009

The Walsall Dudes at work

Just in case some of you haven't met Walsall Studio Ceramics in the flesh (which will mean you haven't been to a lot of shows in the UK), here are the guys at Best of British.

David takes notes of an order as we sneak up alongside to snap this photo. That's Mark at the far end attending to a client. What, did you think David was doing a crossword and Mark was admiring the wallpaper? Shame on you. Mark has better taste than that.

The recurring theme being the subtle botanical wallpaper that is presumably a stylized rendition of a paphiopedilum. Duh have I sent you to sleep yet? Why do you think these guys have their backs turned to the wall? No, don't answer that.

There are a couple of earlier entries with photos of only a few of the Walsall pots that I've actually used for my bonsai. Walsall figures as a large part of my collection but some of the trees that are in their pots are actually too large for me to photograph with a Sony Ericsson phone. Yes, it's a phone, dude. I'm a 'secret' phoneblogger. Har.

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