Monday, 20 April 2009

Remember the overpotted hepatica?

In one of my very early posts, this blue hepatica nobilis was shown in flower, and I mentioned him as being overpotted. Follow the link to see how puny it looked just a couple of months ago. Now I know why the root ball was so freakin' large.

Well, I guess sometimes you need to leave a little room in case of a late spring flourish. Amazing what changes can take place over a matter of 2 months.

This year, all my nobilis have been quite assiduous in flowering and in setting seed. One of the blue hepatica that I brought back from Poland is still in flower. See all the little seed heads dangling at the bottom? They go all the way around the plant, probably another 10 stalks hanging off in the back. As the success rate of germination is quite high with the nobilis, I have a feeling I will be doing loads of hepatica swaps next year...

BTW, this is probably the first photo where the grey ceramic tray is (almost) fully visible. That's one of my favourites, by Morea.

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