Friday, 27 February 2009

Overpotted Hepatica nobilis

Yes it is overpotted (in a Dan Barton pot BTW) but the root ball was too big and it was just coming out into flower, so I decided to give it a minimum of disturbance. I think the plant came from Blackthorne nursery which is now closed, the owners having retired. They still sell some stuff via the Alpine Society, I think. Don't hold me to that.

This one has dark blue flowers which appear before the leaves. The inner part of the petals is a lighter blue, almost white.

Can't see the detail? Address all complaints to Sony Ericsson pleeze. It surely can't be my photography skills in question ;o)

Nobilis isn't a particularly expensive variety, and is quite strong. I've experimented with this variety in a kusamono planting, embedded in tons of keto and gunge. Tricky, as alpines don't like being over-watered but keto turns into brick if it dries out. The original plant looks like it's regressed into oblivion but it has sent up a young 'un alongside so my composition is still intact.

As to expensive Hepatica, I've heard of some varieties going for triple-digit sums. I indulged before Blackthorne closed, got one in the double-digits and it snuffed it....