Monday, 18 May 2009

The guy next door with his man-eating fishies

The piranha in the stand across from us were being kept under wraps to give them time to adjust and de-stress. Still, the nice man next door agreed to peel back a corner and give me a look. Little buggers then swam off; you can see the rear end of one of them by the greenery.

And here they are after the black-out cloth was removed. For din-din, these guys get frozen whitebait. Nope, live animals do not get chucked in there at Chelsea Flower Show.

And on the water/underwater theme, the Cayman Islands Undersea Reef Garden has to be seen to be believed. The blue glow and the movement from the reflection of the water give it an eerie but arresting look:

And this here is their mural. Check out the detail in that!

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