Sunday, 3 May 2009

Smile (not), you're on candid camera

Here's Gordon Duffett laying out his pots at his sales table in the traders' area. Had a good long chat with him about his time as an art student here in the South.

Most everyone must have spent the bulk of the day in the coffee area. Here's Mike the show judge after having gone 'round the competition hall dispensing red, blue & yellow ribbons.

And below you have Dave and Terry who are apparently comparing assets. John of the beautiful wisteria looks like he is studiously ignoring their shenanigans. Or protecting that last bit of cake.

Malcolm was elected to the office of Chairman this year, after having served as Show Manager for a long time. Now he's got bigger headaches to manage.

A big round of thanks to Wessex Bonsai Society for an enjoyable day in your company.

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