Monday, 18 May 2009

Moochin' round the Great Pavilion

While a lot of the hard building is now over, there are lots of areas at Chelsea that were left unfinished, presumably for final touches to be put in just before judging. So here's a quick tour around the Great Pavilion as people were working on their stands. I took lots more photos than these today, however, for your sakes and mine, some of them may have to wait till later this week to get posted - if at all. Peeps, not all angles are flattering, get me?

Anyways, on with the tour. In no particular order.

Ken Muir has to have - IMO - the most fragrant stand in the entire Pavilion. Imagine standing beside them the whole day, smelling the strawberries, thinking of whipped cream...

They're lovely people as well. The guys were giving me the most ogle-worthy poses until I told them this was going on my blog called Rent-A-Man-dot-com. Harrr. Look, can you see a bloke in this photo?
The flower-arranging ladies have what looks to be a whoppingly massive stand, although it's hard to tell who belongs to what when the signage isn't all out. Here is a fraction of the display - some very intricate floral hats:
I check these guys out every time I come - the auricula display:

And to finish, here is a lovely hawthorn at Bushukan Bonsai's display. They were still wrapping up as we were leaving, so to see the final product, I'll have to wait until Friday when we are back.Judging is tomorrow, Monday. Wishing everyone the best.

No. Wait. To end this post - I want me one of these. Seriously. Precious.... my precious....

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