Monday, 18 May 2009

Sneak Peek: RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2009

A cold, windy, rainy Sunday was the last day for build-up activity for this year's Chelsea Flower Show. Early afternoon London traffic was pretty dismal as well.

We had a couple of things to deliver for the display of the Federation of British Bonsai Societies, so this looked like as good a time as any to give you all a preview of the stand.

This is what it looked like when we arrived, tools still scattered around and the front row of shohin trees still to put up:
Labels still had to go on, pots needed to be given another once-over and then a last-minute check for even the most minute debris on the gravel.

And this is how it looked after all the primping had been done, tools put away and coffee cups in the bin.

Several of the RHS judges and the Moderators with their clipboards were walking around on the Sunday afternoon, inspecting the stands.


  1. So shelf displays still rule okay?

    And monkeys on poles don't.....

  2. Ooooohh! Meeoww!

    I overheard a comment that this wasn't too bad for a hedge.

    Careful, else you get fed to the fishies next door... they must be starving after a week of nothing but whitebait.