Sunday, 3 May 2009

Round robin of the club stands

There were a lot of beautiful trees / accents, many of which I will have failed to photograph during the show. Here is a quick re-cap of the various pretties I noted on the club displays. Unfortunately I take the opportunity to again malign my trusty Sony Ericsson; I was unable to take photos from a couple of club stands, either because the lighting or the space were severely testing my phone's capacity as a roving camera.

Robert has been guest speaker at Meon Valley Garden Club this year, an event which they qualified as one of the more enjoyable talks they have had at their club. Here is one of Robert's shohin satsuki, one of the earliest in full flower that I have seen this year:

And below, one of Robert's accent plants; this is sheep sorrel. With a campanula that has self-seeded into the pot. Which sparked off a culinary discussion (but not on the merits of cooking with campanula, OK). However, no one can tell me if you can cook with sheep sorrel.

Eastleigh Bonsai Society also had this delicate needle juniper as the central tree of their display; again, one of Robert's that he had re-potted, re-styled and re-worked this year (it was given to him by another member as it kept dying back on her - the roots were the problem):
A lovely little Iris found on the Solent Bonsai Society stand. Note the long silhouette of a cotoneaster just coming out into flower in the background.

There, now will pack myself off. Nighty-night!

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