Monday, 30 March 2009

End of a 3-year wait

This Soldanella carpatica alba was purchased from Blackthorn nurseries 3 years ago (they retired in 2008). I actually got 2 albas from them and a blue one, seeing that I had already brought back another blue one from Poland in 2006.

The blue Blackthorn one was given as a gift to a friend, whose clients keep trying to buy it off her. You wish.

My 2 albas have been broken up into various accents and 1 stock plant. Needless to say, none have flowered until this year. There's a 3rd flower spike somewhere under all that foliage in this photo; but I am still a bit disappointed as the spikes do not tower the way the blue variety does. But then again, the flowers have only been out a couple of days.

As for the Polish blue, that continues to flower and self-seed. It's not as effusive as the hepatica in its seeding habits, but it is steadily inching up the ladder of world domination.

I have seen photos of a PINK soldanella variety and I WANT ONE.

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