Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Kiyohime maple on rock, fully awake

While all the buds on the trident maples in the cold greenhouse are just starting to break into leaf, this guy is almost fully open. It used to be in a deeper pot; in late January this year it got re-potted into a shallow Walsall which is good timing, all things considered.

This bonsai's total height is about 6 inches / 15 cm from the base of the pot to the crown of the tree. Some leaves are showing signs of windburn, hopefully this will not have affected the ramification in any way - I'd really like to show this tree in winter image, since the rock is more visible then.

Kiyohimes and Kashimas are among the first to open in the garden. The big kashima is kept outdoors and is not quite as open as this guy. I re-potted a couple of 2-year old mountain maple seedlings in mid-February, and though the roots seem to have recovered well enough, their leaves have yet to unfurl to the same extent as this Kiyohime.

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