Friday, 27 February 2009

About those pots...

Just in case anyone is wondering:

The drum pot is one I've had for a year or so now, it was probably purchased at the same time as the crescent pot at the bottom. Both are imported from Japan. They are both brown, unglazed; well the crescent has touches of glaze but they don't show up under the light. The flash sort of washed out the colour, which is why the drum looks blue. Want more info? Hunt Natsuo down, he chose them. He's probably on a ship in the middle of the sea in Japan somewhere.

Wave to Natsuo as he sails past - hi Natsuo!!

The other 'pot' is a gift from a Japanese friend who owns a pub in Tokyo. (Food and drink... things I like even more than bonsai.... nom, nom nom.) It's not got a specific purpose, from what they told me. Looks like a scoop of some description but it could just be the artist being, well, artistic. Again, this is unglazed dark brown clay on the outside, rendered blue by the flash.

What to do with the drum and the crescent? The drum is way strong and way deep - not sure if I will ever have a shohin with enough presence to put in it. The crescent? I got it originally intending it for an accent planting. Now either I use it for kusamono (in which case I will have to leave it outdoors and then my next problem will be the bloody blackbirds looking to alleviate their boredom) or I use it for its original purpose in which case can you imagine the whopping great tree it will have to go with? The pot stands about 6 in / 15 cm high.

So at the moment both pots are doing nothing. And if they stay that way, it's fine by me.

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