Friday, 27 February 2009

White Hepatica

A white variety of Hepatica nobilis, this time in a vermilion Bryan Albright pot. What you may not be able to see clearly is the gazillions of baby hepatica growing at the base - ignore the crappy looking alpine mix. This is another one I didn't want to disturb at the beginning of the year, as it had self-seeded into its original pot. So at the moment it is a large-ish accent at about 6 in / 15 cm from base to tallest leaf tip; the plan is to break the plant up and move it slowly into smaller accent pots.

This one was the earliest to come into bloom, sort of early February. The flowers are now starting to go over. Oddly enough, leaves were out much the same time as the flowers were.

What you also may not have noticed is that it is setting seed again (look at the stalks without petals), so I will have even more white Hepatica on my hands. Breeds like rabbits, this one does.

Leave me a comment if you want one of them white boys over here, then. Oh, was that not a PC statement? Bite me.

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