Friday, 27 February 2009

Caveat (probably the first of many)

Yes, I was serious about giving away the offspring of some of the specimens below. That said, interested parties will have to be somewhere where I can physically hand said offspring to them. Not even for the sake of this blog will I hike my ass to the Post Office.

No point in said parties not being able to take home their stash with them - so if you are in a country that doesn't like foreign flora coming in, sorry.

Also, seedlings/babies/whatever will have to be of sufficient size & maturity to withstand re-potting. So we will still need to be friends (or at least not hurling invective at each other) till at least next year.

And if you think a baby Hepatica will have more than 2 leaves next year, dream on.

If you are interested in any of the older stuff I may have, leave me a comment; I'm willing to do a swap at Lorca if you aren't local to me.

Also, none of these lot are copyrighted or whatever it is they do for uber-pedigreed plants.

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