Saturday, 28 February 2009

Fuzzy Needle Juniper

I think this is rigida but I'm sure someone will be able to confirm / refute.

It doesn't show as well due to the crappy lighting and my less-than-stellar photographic skills. The whole thing looks like it is tipping over to the right but I cannot be bothered to take another photo as Blogger is starting to sulk.

Pruning of this prickly bugger will take place later in the year. Notice how we have one juniper berry - not enough for any alcoholic / culinary purposes. Assuming any juniper berry will do.

I think the pot is one of the ubiquitous Chinese models. Stand is probably Chinese too. The little ceramic water basin is by a Danish lady whose website I cannot find anymore. I have been through Morten Albek's and Wolfgang Putz's websites trying to find her. Last time I saw her was at the EBA in Belgium. Got loads of her stuff then.

Talking of which, in case you are looking for a link to something bonsai, check out
either Morten Albek's or Wolfgang Putz's site. They must know everybody (or everybody must know them).

The number of people blogging on Bonsai is staggering. Just on Blogger alone. Interested? Links are on Morten Albek's site.

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