Saturday, 28 February 2009

Hazel - Winter Image

Spring has definitely sprung over here, although you probably can't see the buds breaking out on this one. Don't think it's ever had catkins. Would be nice, although if catkins = hazel nuts, I won't be too keen on the squirrels going a-gaga over this one.

From pot feet to highest twig, this guy measures 8.25 in / 21 cm. We don't have squirrels that small over here.

Pot might be Japanese. The tree came from someone local-ish to us (I think he does mostly stuff from cuttings). The lines still need improving on this one.

The good thing about photographing your trees is that it shows up all their deficiencies. Which is fine when you're into work-on-my-bonsai mode. If you are into sit-back-and-admire mode, well...

I suppose this could be labeled another WIP, or HIP even. Figured it out yet?

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