Saturday, 28 February 2009

WIP (or a Study in Squiggly Lines)

What, did you think a letter was missing from that acronym?

Think of it as either a Willow In Progress or a Work In Progress. It's one of those things that self-seed themselves into the garden and have to get pulled out at regular intervals. This one was spared the trash bin on the basis that I wanted to try making a very small kusamono with a woody-something (did I just say that?) rather than purely herbaceous material.

I think there is a hosta at the base of the willow, have to wait until later in the year to see if memory serves me right. It wouldn't be a miniature hosta, but even a ginormous one will adapt itself to whatever size pot it's put in. *If this concept shocks you - spare me any moralistic pontification at this point, OK?*

Pot is by Petra Hahn, standing about 1 in / 3 cm high. The entire planting is about 6 in / 15 cm, but that's only because the willow hasn't been pruned yet. The buds are starting to break but I think I will wait until later in the spring for pruning. The entire thing is held together by the usual keto + gunge mixture. The fuzzy bits sticking out are the moss whatsits.

The object is to get down to about 3-4 inches total height, but also to get the trunk to as large as possible in this pot. How many years are we looking at? Depends on the willow, I guess. I'm hoping for something show-able in 4-5 years.

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