Saturday, 28 February 2009

Cascade Chojubai

Chaenomeles japonica in a Pitt pot. This was on show at Swindon last week. Again, promised the Pitt-boss that he would get sent a photo, but I guess all he's getting is a link to this blog.

This guy is in pure akadama and is kept in an unheated greenhouse together with most of the shohin. Partly to keep the bloody blackbirds off the moss and partly to take the edge of the worst of the weather. The only problem is that the trees in the greenhouse tend to need more watering. Well they would, given the size of their pots. This guy isn't too bad, as he's in a deeper pot than most.

What's not quite visible is all the flower buds that are still coming on. If we get a profusion of colour, then I will post another photo.

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