Friday, 6 March 2009

Almost an entire shohin display

Like I said, almost. Couldn't quite fit in a view of the whole UK shohin composition, as my phone doesn't have wide-angle capabilities. Address all complaints to the Sony Ericsson people pleeze.
Missing is the tiny accent on the right of the juniper. So let me try to explain instead. Imagine the composition as a large triangle pointing to the accent on the left. The tiny little thing to the extreme left of the photo is a ranunculus ficaria (the wild one) in a Keramika pot, total about 3 inches high and across.
Hope this explains the flow of the display a little better...


  1. try the ficaria on the right of the main stand,with the other tree put to the left,better flow with a stop to stop your eye leaving the display.PS. tell Reg the pine cauld move about 2inches to the left. have a good time Bob B

  2. Thanks for the comment, Bob. Didn't manage to access the blog properly during the daytime over there, and WiFi at the hotel cost an arm & a leg. Plus it was so slow youd've had time to go for a fag and it still wouldn't have loaded by the time you got back. Then Reg's 2 hares went walkies so that caused minor mayhem....

    So I didn't reallly get to view the blog properly until we got home yesterday. Hope all is well with you...