Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Hotel Txartel

Found this charming little 3 star hotel in Lasarte, while driving through the pouring rain. They're just off the motorway, very reasonable rates and the staff are extremely accomodating. They also speak English!
They operate a bar annexed to the hotel and, while the atmosphere is too smoky for my taste, their food is excellent. We sampled their lamb chops and .... wait for it .... octopus.
The picture frames at the left seem to be photos of old Formula 1 racing cars. Perhaps early races held locally?


  1. Great stuff Brenda
    Hope some of those cakes end up back here as souvenirs :-)

  2. Thanks Mike. What was surprising was that food on the Spanish motorways was consistently better than the French, although most of the place we stopped off in France were WAY GOOD. Will post on that later today.