Monday, 30 March 2009

Primula denticulata alba

This accent is in its third year now. It used to have a much taller pompom flower, but as the plant established itself in the pot, the flower stalk has decreased in size. This year, only one set of blooms has come out, although it has been in full bloom for nearly 3 weeks now.

I suppose this guy is really pot-bound now and should get broken up next spring. Which probably means the year after we're back to the gigantic pompoms all over again. Sigh.

Pot is by John Pitt, who keeps saying I never send him photos of plantings I've done in his pots, and he's (almost) right, y'know. I have sent him a link to this blog, which is almost the next best thing, or so I like to rationalise ;o)

We have another white denticulata in a shallow Walsall, but this year it's been rather lazy, so no photos for him. Could also be because most of his soil has been washed out where the pot is so shallow and exposed to afternoon sun. One never knows for sure (unless one is a primula guru?). This primula in the photo is kept in a fairly shady spot and the watering is fairly controlled - probably 3 times a week given the current spring temperatures.

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