Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Prize-winning Pomegranate

This is a Punica granatum negikan, which apparently will set orange/red fruit. The tree is a Spanish entry and was awarded first prize for the shohin display. It's about 20 in / 51 cm though, but a lovely tree it is nonetheless.


  1. Lovely it was, small it wasn't!

    From a fairly local resident in Murcia..
    Guess who?

  2. Yes I think I could hazard a guess! BTW, we handed over a spare EBA pin to Jock earlier tonight, so now you have one each :o)

    Thanks for dropping by, hope the house prep is going well.

    Check out my blog entry on David Penny's talk this evening.

  3. Oh, and tell me if you recognise the heads in the pics!!! :o)

    They have changed the curtains in the hall, BTW - in case you haven't noticed. So much better for photo ops.