Friday, 6 March 2009

New Talent Contest Friday 06 March 2009

Remember that big empty auditorium space? Here it is with the New Talent Contest in full swing.

Raw material provided to the contestants is chinese juniper, much taller and chunkier trees than in previous years. The winner will be announced tomorrow evening.
The judges have already put in their scores, but no-one gets informed of the final results.
Each EBA member country has a representing judge. This year they weren't allowed into the contest area until after the contestants had finished their trees, and I think they weren't told which trees belonged to which country.
I think this is the same area where they will have the 'big names' doing demonstrations on the Saturday and Sunday. Notice the big screen feed in the background; this should give the audience a close-up of when someone cuts themself with a sharp object... no, of course things like that never happen....

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