Friday, 6 March 2009

Meditating Buddha stone

This suiseki is Chinese in origin, classified as a sugata-ishi. (Will find out more about that tomorrow.) It's not very big, standing about a total of 7 inches high from the base, and apparently weighs a ton (no, not literally).
The amount of suiseki in Spain is outstanding. Will post some more tomorrow. I suppose it's not surprising that these viewing stones don't travel very far out of their home countries, because of the weight and the hassle of moving them. This one is not very large, but others on display here are quite voluminous.
Mrs Benz told me that they have travelled to shows by air with a couple of stones, and the customs people have thought that a little daft. I can just imagine the conversations that went on...
Ever since the demise of the Suiseki association in the UK, there really hasn't been a platform for increasing the profile of this hobby, which is really our loss. This part of the EBA and other European shows makes it worth the journey for me.

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