Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Dutch shohin display

This is a difficult one to take a photo of, given that the entire composition is actually quite wide. The use of colour on the scroll was both discreet and effective. The accent plant to the left, under the juniper? That's a tiny spider plant.

Click on the photo to enlarge, you'll see the award that was presented to Bruno & Rob for this one, just to the left of the display table. It's a wire sculpture about 2 ft /61 cm high, and the 'wires' are thick - I'd place it at 0.8 mm thickness, not sure which metal was used. And that award is whopping heavy; the guys had talked of having to take their clothes as carry-on luggage and the heavy metal in the hold, that way hopefully they avoid overweight charges. I hope the award didn't go into a canvas bag / suitcase, otherwise it could tear the bag (or any cloth protecting it) to shreds.

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