Friday, 6 March 2009

How to travel in style with your bonsai

The Dutch guys have been showing their little trees at EBA since Poland 2006, and have consistently garnered prizes for them. Since they had to fly to Lorca, their shohin & mame went into the hold, nicely cocooned in these specially-made wooden boxes:

The interior is foam, with niches cut out to the size of the pots. The boxes are roughly 4 times the size of the trees. In the photo above, some of the accents that didn't go on display are still inside their foam slots. The empty space is buffered with more foam once the slots are filled.

Bruno offered to model a box in a pose reminiscent of the nude calendar vogue, for some indeterminate reason his offer was unanimously declined ;-)

Here are the bonsai getting packed away at the end of the show; notice how the boxes sport the icons for 'This Side Up' and 'Fragile'.

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